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Hello 2014

new year new start

One month into 2014 and I have only just decided what my new years resolutions will actually be. I’m sure many of you out there decided the rules and regulations of your resolutions months before January in order to prepare yourself! However as a considerably unprepared teenager I have only just decided how I am going to make my life a misery in 2014 😉

But as much as new years resolutions make your life a misery they also challenge your weaknesses an point out your strengths! Many of us are unaware of all our natural strengths that make us who we are, so if you are at the point at which you are thinking of giving up or if you know that point is in the near future remember all the aspects of your resolution that have been easy for you. I’m sure there will be many things you have discovered that you haven’t ever thought about before. So if you want to discover the undiscovered… don’t give up!! The strengths that you find within yourself will be incredibly useful just when you don’t expect to be needing them!

Recently I was made aware of the blessing of being healthy, when a family member discovered she had breast cancer. it wasn’t a great way for my family and myself to start the year but as families do you all knit together to pull each other out of the struggle! Apart from showing that our family how close my family is, it pointed out the things in life that actually matter. Taking me back to all the fall outs I had encountered with friends, even to the silly arguments with other family members. And I